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June 24, 2011 / marrowboy

Code reviews

Code reviews indeed. Very useful. I noticed this morning that a code review with two people (coder and reviewer) can feel quite confrontational.

Avoid this by involving more people.

a bad code review

The practice of pairing is helpful but code reviews are important beyond that. One-on-one code reviews feel a bit nasty to me, like the work is being judged in an unfair way. I’m not saying that it *is* nasty, nor that everyone feels the same as I do. But I feel a bit of dread when I’m asked to do an individual code review – what if the other person disagrees with my review comments? They’re often about style, after all.

With 3 or more people any conversation is automatically a consensus-discussion rather than an interrogation, and I think it makes the review lighter and helps with the secondary objective of knowledge-sharing enormously.

Just an observation.


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